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Stories of Prophets (May Allah Grant Them Peace)


Adam (PBUH)

1371 ,Times viewed

Idris (Enoch) [PBUH]

762 ,Times viewed

Nuh (Noah) [PBUH]

711 ,Times viewed

Hud [PBUH]

629 ,Times viewed

Salih (pbuh) [PBUH]

720 ,Times viewed

Ibrahim (Abraham) [PBUH]

664 ,Times viewed

Ismail (Ishmael) [PBUH]

720 ,Times viewed

Ishaaq (Isaac) [PBUH] and Yaqub (Jacob) [PBUH]

624 ,Times viewed

Lut (Lot) [PBUH]

627 ,Times viewed

Shuaib [PBUH]

655 ,Times viewed

Yusuf (Joseph) [PBUH]

676 ,Times viewed

Ayoub (Job) [PBUH]

734 ,Times viewed

Dhul-Kifl [PBUH]

670 ,Times viewed

Ar-Rass (The People of Ar-Rass)

754 ,Times viewed

Antioch (The People of Antioch)

688 ,Times viewed

Yunus (Jonah) [PBUH]

686 ,Times viewed

Musa (Moses) [PBUH]

657 ,Times viewed

Hizqeel (Ezekiel) [PBUH]

694 ,Times viewed

Elyas (Elisha) [PBUH]

617 ,Times viewed

Shammil (Samuel) [PBUH]

592 ,Times viewed

Dawud (David) [PBUH]

715 ,Times viewed

Sulaiman (Solomon) [PBUH]

658 ,Times viewed

Shia (Isaiah) [PBUH]

604 ,Times viewed

Aramaya (Jeremiah) [PBUH]

611 ,Times viewed

Daniel [PBUH]

877 ,Times viewed

Uzair (Ezra) [PBUH]

737 ,Times viewed

Zakariyah (Zechariah) [PBUH]

598 ,Times viewed

Yahya (John) [PBUH]

649 ,Times viewed

Isa (Jesus)-PBUH

683 ,Times viewed


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