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An invitation to the truth BY: Harun Yahya


The Virtue of the Prayer (salat)

577 ,Times viewed

The Virtue in Giving the Alms (Zakat), Expending in Allah’s (swt) Way and Giving the Sadaqa

502 ,Times viewed

Believers are told in the Qur'an to obey the Sunnah of the Prophet (saas)

458 ,Times viewed

The Ahl al-Sunnah's Schools

489 ,Times viewed

The Defense System

496 ,Times viewed

A System Planned in Its Every Detail

411 ,Times viewed

The Earth: A Living Planet

344 ,Times viewed

Common Material, Design and Designer

360 ,Times viewed

Co-Ordination in Human Body

487 ,Times viewed

From Non-Being to Being

393 ,Times viewed

The Honey Bee

424 ,Times viewed

From a Caterpillar to a Butterfly

359 ,Times viewed

The Design of the Woodpecker

360 ,Times viewed

The Signs in the Heavens and on the Earth

364 ,Times viewed

The Perfect Social System of Ants

408 ,Times viewed

The Miracle of Design in the Cell

360 ,Times viewed

The Design in Water

372 ,Times viewed

The Design in Nature

339 ,Times viewed

The Ability to See the Signs of God…

448 ,Times viewed

Spiders' Fishing Techniques

356 ,Times viewed

An Unconventional Hunter- The Venus Plant

364 ,Times viewed

Self-Sacrifice in Animals

432 ,Times viewed

Scientists Confirm the Signs of God

367 ,Times viewed

Rain by Design

382 ,Times viewed

The Obvious Existence of God

354 ,Times viewed

Migration and Orientation in Animals

447 ,Times viewed

Pondering on the Signs of God

363 ,Times viewed

God Created the Universe from Nothing

377 ,Times viewed

A Turning Point in History--The Fall of Atheism

388 ,Times viewed

The Information Beyond Matter & Lawh-i Mahfuz

361 ,Times viewed

The Scientific World is Turning to God

360 ,Times viewed

The Big Bang Echoes through the Map of the Galaxy

402 ,Times viewed

The Measure of Beauty Created in Nature:

417 ,Times viewed

The Magnetic Positioning System in Pigeons

463 ,Times viewed

Biomimetics: Drawing Inspiration From the Design in Living Things

135 ,Times viewed

The Army-Ant in Technology

329 ,Times viewed

The Miracle in the Defence System

352 ,Times viewed

Miraculous Mixture: Mother’s Milk

479 ,Times viewed

The Miracle of Iron

363 ,Times viewed

The Fine Tuning in the Universe

461 ,Times viewed

Our Lord's Name Is Allah

368 ,Times viewed

The Human Body: A Carefully Protected Fortress

357 ,Times viewed

Diamonds: The Hardest of Minerals

115 ,Times viewed

Life-Saving Liquids

387 ,Times viewed

Miraculous Creatures that Leave Jet Planes in Their Wake

384 ,Times viewed


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