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The Qur’an is not the Word of God but on the contrary the handiwork of Satan.

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Does not your Qur’an mention that Jesus is Kalimatullah –"The Word of Allah (swt)", as well as Ruhullah – "The Spirit of Allah", indicating his Divinity?

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Is it not true that your Qur’an mentions in Surah Maryam, Chapter 19 verse 33 that Jesus (pbuh) died and was resurrected?

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Is it not true that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has copied the Qur’an from the Bible?

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Why do Muslims abuse non-Muslims by calling them ‘Kafirs’?

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If Islam is the best religion, why are many of the Muslims dishonest, unreliable, and involved in activities such as cheating, bribing, dealing in drugs, etc.?

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All religions basically teach followers to do good deeds. Why should a person only follow Islam? Can he not follow any of the religions?

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When all the Muslim follow one and the same Qur’an then why are there so many sects and different schools of thoughts among Muslims?

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How can you prove the existence of hereafter, i.e. life after death?

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Under Islamic law, why is a woman’s share of the inherited wealth only half that of a man?

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Why are two witnesses who are women, equivalent to only one witness who is a man ?

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Why is the consumption of alcohol prohibited in Islam?

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Why is the eating of pork forbidden in Islam?

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Why are non-Muslims not allowed in the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah?

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When Islam is against idol worship why do the Muslims worship, and bow down to the Kaaba in their prayer?

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Why do Muslims slaughter the animal in a ruthless manner by torturing it and slowly and painfully killing it?

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Killing an animal is a ruthless act. Why then do Muslims consume non-vegetarian food?

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Why are most of the Muslims fundamentalists and terrorists?

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